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      Industry event for all application fields of thermal insulation

      2022 TIM Expo Shenzhen

      Thermal insulation materials in line with the national energy-saving and environmental protection industrial policy in the construction industry, industry to provide a greater market demand and more application space. In order to promote the development of insulation, cold insulation, energy-saving materials industry, build a bridge of communication and cooperation between insulation, cold insulation, energy-saving materials manufacturers and various application areas - Shenzhen International Thermal Insulation Materials and Energy-saving Technology Exhibition will come soon.


      square meter








      Exhibit Category

      Gather high-quality thermal insulation materials and production equipment such as inorganic thermal insulation materials, organic thermal insulation materials, foam thermal insulation materials, thermal insulation and decoration integrated boards; In the field of thermal insulation products and technologies, we strive to create a comprehensive and all-round thermal insulation exhibition covering all application fields.

      Insulation Materials

      Rock wool, glass wool, aerogel, integrated insulation and decoration, EPS polystyrene board, XPS extruded board, foam glass, rubber and plastic insulation, ceramic fiber insulation, aluminum silicate, wall insulation materials, polyurethane insulation materials, new Insulation materials, other insulation materials

      Fireproof Materials

      Fire-retardant coatings, fire-retardant materials, fire-proof raw materials, fire-proof glass, fire-proof boards, fire-proof construction, other fire-proof materials

      Insulation Auxiliary Materials

      Insulation mortar, insulation nails, mesh cloth, tape glue, insulation auxiliary raw materials, etc.

      Production equipment

      Production equipment for thermal insulation materials such as rock wool/glass wool, building energy-saving testing equipment, polyurethane spraying equipment, EPS equipment, etc.

      Building energy-saving technology

      New energy-saving doors and windows and curtain walls, gypsum building materials, thermal insulation blocks, hollow glass bricks, steel structures, prestressing and other new technologies and materials and equipment, etc.

      Industrial insulation

      Ship, petrochemical, electric power, cold storage cold chain, metallurgy, kiln, papermaking, pharmaceutical, pipeline, heating and other insulation materials, equipment and technology

      Exhibitor Recommendation

      The big-name exhibitors gather, gathering industry leading enterprises

      Cooperative exhibitors

      Visitor Composition

      Visitor Organization Reaching the Core

      • Construction, shipbuilding, petrochemical, heating, electric power, textile, pharmaceutical, chemical kiln, pipeline, rail transit, cold chain logistics, automobile manufacturing, electrical manufacturing, aerospace and design, engineering, research, testing, maintenance, production and other related departments in other application fields

      • Agents, distributors, importers and exporters of thermal insulation products

      • Real estate developers

      • Engineering companies and contractors; anti-corrosion and insulation engineering

      • Engineering quality supervision; fire research and testing

      • Owners such as shopping malls, schools, and hospitals

      • government and associations

      • Product R & D; manufacturer

      • Universities; media, etc.

      TIM EXPO Shanghai 2020 Functional Analysis

      Concurrent Conference and Forum

      • Shenzhen International Building Insulation System Technology Application Summit Forum

      • Shenzhen International Aerogel Insulation Materials and Application Summit Forum

      • Shenzhen International Thermal Insulation and Decoration Integrated Board Technology Application and Industry Development Forum

      • Thermal Insulation New Material Technology Exchange Conference

      • Workshop on Design and Application of Marine Insulation Materials

      • Industrial Insulation System Technology Application Summit Forum

      • Seminar on Urban Renewal Facade Transformation and External Wall Insulation System Testing and Repairing Technology

      (The event at the same time will be subject to the final announcement at the exhibition site)

      Exhibition Highlights

      In the normalized market environment of anti-epidemic and epidemic prevention, the organizer aims to use this exhibition platform to integrate the industrial chain of the thermal insulation industry, focusing on the new normal, new fields and new opportunities, and is committed to building high-quality thermal insulation materials, equipment and related products A platform for communication, learning and trade with technology.

      Brand Promotion

      Multidimensional Exposure

      Trade Docking

      Industry Exchange


      Strong support from industry associations and co-hosted by authoritative organizations


      Cooperative media

      Authoritative media help-covering professional people

      Domestic media
      Overseas media

      Participation Guide

      Traffic Guide

      Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

      Futian District, Shenzhen Fuhua Third Road, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

      ? SZCEC is adjacent to Metro Line 11 (direct to the airport), Metro Lines 1 and 4 intersect here, and the central part of the exhibition hall can be reached directly through the underground municipal passageway, and the ground distance is about 150 meters;15 minutes drive from the railway station, 8 minutes drive from Futian High-speed Railway Station, 30 minutes drive from Shenzhen Airport, and only 5 minutes drive from Futian and Huanggang ports.

      For the convenience of your travel, please search the websit


      ? Surrounded by hotels, there are nearly a dozen star hotels gathered within 5-15 minutes walking distance. ? Adjacent to several large commercial plazas, you can enjoy shopping, leisure and food.